Individual English Courses

Individual Courses


Individual or semi-individual English courses

If you want a personalized learning path to learn English effectively and quickly, our One-to-One or Semi-One-to-One English Courses are what you need. We offer a tailored teaching experience, designed to meet your specific needs and accelerate your language success. Whether you prefer one-to-one or semi-one-to-one tuition, with a dedicated native English teacher, your study path will be tailored to maximize your learning.

With our One to One English Courses, you will have the opportunity to enjoy undivided attention from your teacher. This type of course allows you to work one-on-one with a highly qualified native English-speaking teacher, who will focus exclusively on your specific needs and areas for improvement. One-to-one lessons give you schedule flexibility, allowing you to plan sessions around your schedule and progress at your own pace.

If you prefer a more dynamic and collaborative learning environment, our Semi-One-to-One English Courses are the ideal solution. In these lessons, you will be paired with a small group of motivated students with similar language goals to yours. QThis approach gives you the best of both worlds: personalized attention from one-to-one lessons and the opportunity to practice your English with other motivated students.

Our courses adapt to your needs, whether you are a beginner wanting to acquire the basics of English or an expert wanting to perfect your communication skills. With a step-by-step approach, you will be able to develop a solid foundation in grammar, improve your oral and written comprehension and gain confidence in communicating in English.

For those who wish to make rapid progress and reach an advanced fluency level in a shorter time, we offer Intensive One-to-One English Courses. These concentrated and focused courses allow you to fully immerse yourself in the English language, with more frequent sessions and intensive language practice.

Unlock your linguistic potential and achieve complete command of English! Contact us today to request a personalized quote.

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Individual Online Courses


Individual English Courses Online

  • Choosing our online one-to-one English courses means embracing the opportunity for a tailor-made learning path. With one-on-one lessons, your teacher will be able to focus exclusively on you, tailoring each lesson to your level, your needs and your goals. No more following a standardized program that doesn’t fit your individual needs. With us, you will be in full control of your learning!

Our online one-to-one English courses offer a number of benefits that will make you fall in love with online learning:

  • Total flexibility: Study when and where you want, adapting lessons to your schedule and daily routine.
  • Accelerated progress: Thanks to personalized attention from your teacher, you will progress faster than in a group course.
  • Maximum interaction: You will have the opportunity to talk, listen and interact constantly with your native English teacher, improving your pronunciation and listening comprehension.
  • Personalized learning materials: You will receive interactive learning materials specially created for you, which will adapt to your learning style and help you reach your goals faster.< /li>
  • Continuous support: Your teacher will always be available to answer your questions, clarify your doubts and provide you with feedback and supporttimely to help you improve. li>

Book your one-to-one online English course today and start progressing rapidly towards English fluency. Success awaits you!

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Language certifications

English courses at home


Individual English courses at home

Imagine speaking English fluently without leaving the comfort of your sofa. With our home English courses in your city, this dream can come true. We’re ready to bring the language of Shakespeare right to your home, making learning easier than ever.

English courses at home are the ideal solution for those looking for a comfortable, efficient and personalized learning method. Our qualified teachers are ready to guide you through every stage of your English learning journey, tailoring the lessons to your level and goals.

One of the main Benefits of Home Courses is the ability to learn at your own pace, without the anxiety of having to adjust to a classroom schedule. This means you can focus on what you need to improve, whether it’s grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or speaking.

Whether you are a beginner or are looking to perfect your language skills, our home English courses are the perfect option. Start your journey to English proficiency today, and discover how home learning can transform your life.

** Check immediately by contacting the secretariat if the home course is available at your address and if there is an extra cost.


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